Deliberate Innovation
Whose job is innovation?
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There’s a common assumption that innovation means inventing or re-inventing. In reality the same tools and techniques that can inspire original new products, services and marketing ideas are just as effective to solve problems and improve any organisation, by exploring more options.

“You are just as likely, or more likely, to find that elusive competitive advantage in purchasing or HR, as you are in an official engineering or marketing department.”  (extract from video below)Tom Peters

This means that the real potential of the organisation and its people can only be reached if everyone has access to innovation tools, is well supported, coached and feels encouraged into entrepreneurial thinking.  At the heart of innovation is an attitude of not being satisfied with the status quo – could things be better, faster, cheaper, more profitable, sell more, help more people or provide better customer experience?

As organisations become larger or older processes and procedures can take on an almost sacred property, driven perhaps by an assumption that they have been that way for a long time for good reason. Here, as elsewhere, it is the duty of every manager to ensure that their team not only understand the need for fresh thinking, but also has the right training and support to challenge the way things are done – or have been done until now!


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