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Hi, and welcome to whatever this is!

You might call it a blog, but by the strictest definitions it probably isn’t, since we’re not logging anything and it’s not a journal!  The helpful software certainly thinks it’s a blog, but it’s more likely to turn out to be a series of articles related to Deliberate Innovation.  Our intention is to provoke, inspire, inform, engage and start a conversation.

What you’ll see here is a selection of musings, observations, suggestions and tales of our experiences helping people and organisations with creativity, progressing ideas, collaboration, and engagement to get results.

Many of the tools and techniques we use are really straightforward, so you’ll get to hear about some of them too and if you try something out that you about read here perhaps you’ll drop us a line and tell us how it went?

We’ll share interesting stuff that we see elsewhere too, by including cuttings from other people, with a link so you can find out more.  If this was a blog perhaps we’d call that re-blogging?

I think that’s enough introduction, so read on!

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