Deliberate Innovation

Facilitation and engagement consulting:  Whether you ask us to take the reins, or just help you plan, our experience and techniques will ensure that your meetings, events and communications are creative, efficient and effective.

Experiential workshops:  A Deliberate Innovation workshop will always have a piece of real work at its heart and the change will really stick.  Learning by working makes a real difference, where theoretical training on this subject can be difficult to apply in the real world.  Deliberate Innovation events are memorable by design, because it’s the experience that counts. Just ask the fans! (and see if they’ll show you their photos).

Coaching:   1-on-1 help so you can try new things as you go with the right support.

Our special formula

Innovation is a well used word, but less commonly a well understood activity.  Both innovation and entrepreneurial thinking are tricky attributes to support people to develop.  Classroom style training is not as effective as it might be, partly because of the leap of faith necessary for individuals to take in moving away from familiar thinking styles that serve them well in scenarios where creative thinking isn’t essential.

When the need for really original solutions does arise then classroom theory of innovation or creative problem solving can be hard to apply back in the real world.  It is often difficult for people new to techniques to believe that they’ll be effective on ‘proper work’ problems and tough to overcome nervousness about doing things differently if they have had no direct experience of being successful with those techniques.

To solve this we always recommend 4 things:

  • Learn new tools and techniques by trying them on real work problems and opportunities
  • Have an extraordinary experience that helps to fix new techniques in your head
  • Continue practical use by immediately using the tools with others
  • Get coaching from an experienced innovator on how your first attempt went


Methodology, Models and Tools

We make use of a full range of knowledge, research and experience to pick the bits which best match your outcomes, but here are some that we use particularly often – with some interesting links:

Lateral thinking, Parallel Thinking and 6 Thinking HatsEdward de Bono

Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving process (CPS)

University of Nottingham Institute for Enterprise and Innovation (UNIEI) – Ingenuity in Practice methodology

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