Deliberate Innovation

“Innovation is a discipline. So is entrepreneurship. Neither of them requires geniuses. Neither of them will be done if we wait for the ‘kiss of the muse’. Both are work. And only those businesses and those business executives who accept this are likely to survive, let alone do well” Peter F. Drucker

The belief that we have to just ‘wait for ideas to come along’, or that ‘creativity is a talent of a select few’ is false. Both can be deliberate acts following a process which, when combined with action and delivery, result in innovations.

None of the techniques we use are difficult to understand or learn for most people, but with the benefit of our experience and a powerful combination of facilitation, experiential training, using real work and coaching, your organisation can access and apply them fast and effectively.

“Creativity (in terms of new ideas and new perceptions) is not a mystical gift but a learnable skill”
Edward de Bono

Supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Organisations often seem to realise the need for their people to develop entrepreneurial thinking, but working out what really needs be done to support and develop individuals and teams, at what level and in what roles is harder.  The real prize comes from determining that and then finding a way to deliver the necessary support.

We have the capability to help you support and develop your people to be as innovative as their job requires.  We can plan a programme with you and deliver it at scale and speed using our network of trusted expert colleagues.  We’ll provide a process to fit your goals, whatever outcomes you’re looking for, from quick win efficiency drives through new product development, cultural change and facilitating strategic work.

“Problems cannot be solved by thinking within the framework in which the problems were created.”
Albert Einstein
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